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Reppard, adding a school gives you 7 times more profile views, which open the door to new opportunities.
Add education and start getting noticed. --LinkedIn

Why don't you tell me how you really feel linkedin. -_-


Hello Goodbye

Today I depreciated my facebook account with a message to the effect of:

  DepreciationWarning: social channel faceBook() has been depreciated.
    Please use social channels linkedIn(), googlePlus(), and ello() in the future.

I know this might come across as a bit dramatic but this has been in the making. This year for me has been one about simplifying my life and renewing focus on the most important things. My wife and I have made strides to marginalize the amount of toxic waste we eat and feed to our children. We have taken steps to reduce our impact on the environment around us. We have started the journey that is de-cluttering our lives by systematically ridding ourselves of excess material possessions. If a tiny house was practical for a family of 5 and 2 dogs, we'd be all over that shit.

That said, this sort of cyber spring cleaning seems to be a natural progression. And then out of nowhere, as if by magic, this tilde renaissance starts to bubble up from out of nowhere(thanks to tilde.club/~ford/). I heard his story on the Theory of Everything pod cast only I was a bit late to the game. A sizable waiting list had already formed. But thankfully others in the community had started to sprout and spread the tilde community. I signed up for a few. After consuming so much pure self-expression on tilde.club and other free shell communities I was even more inspired blast my online personas into oblivion.

facebook is just the beginning. A grass roots revolution is upon us and I am so very happy to be apart of it.